Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lisbon, Portugal an International Martial Arts Festival

I shall be flying off with the Cyberbudo Group
on the 3rd Jun to Lisbon, Portugal for an
Important International Martial Arts Festival.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thought of the Day

I think the thing that differentiates the "Grandmaster" from the "student" is not the number of techniques that he knows, but rather how well he does a certain group of techniques. Apparently, as you get better, you may incidentally have more knowledge of a variety of techniques, but you get much better at particular favourites. Its good to know a great deal of technical knowledge, but the foundations of karate lie in the development of the self, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the art in relation to ones self. Attachment to a "style" and desire to excel for glory are impediments to enlightenment. In a real fight - even though you may have the skill to target vulnerable points - it won't always work perfectly, and when you make a mistake - all that will carry you through is your attitude and fighting spirit.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chi Ki & Qi (Chi balls, tongues & toes)

Chi, Ki, Qi, is probably a kinesthetic hallucination sometimes associated with physiological events which may, at times be significant.

Projection of Chi is purely a rapport phenomenon.

Can it be proved ??

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sho Bu Ippon in Guildford Surrey

Check it out

Germany 2007

Terry Wingrove’s group left England in the very early hours of Friday 4th and Arrived in Saltsburg after a good flight. We were picked up at the airport and taken a short journey to a small hotel in Grassu in Bavaria. After a wonderful lunch we left for the Dojo where we were greeted by a German and Polish group returning after one year to train again with Terry Wingrove. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all that were there said they thoroughly enjoyed the course. I saw a real yearning for learning, eagerness and enthusiasm throughout the course. So real and effective was the karate-jutsu many painful moments were experienced by the Wingrove group he used, to demonstrate the more unpleasant aspects of serious training (feeling is believing). No lasting injuries were sustained, we all shook ourselves off and carried on with no problems.
Our hosts were absolutely charming and we were treated to the highest standard of hospitality and friendship. The whole weekend was enhanced by true life stories of Terry’s time in Japan. We also had demonstrations of close quarter techniques at the dinning table and a few in the transit coach while travelling, which was appreciated for the efficacy of good technique in a jovial atmosphere. The weekend was a fabulous experience of real Karate-jutsu and how it attracts the most wonderful martial artists, no airs no graces.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Terry Wingrove 8th Dan Hanshi

Congratulations Terry Wingrove 8th Dan Hanshi
Awarded 28th April 2007 Tokyo. Check link for more details.