Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This year and last have been the most eventful I've had in nearly 40 years of Martial Arts. The two most important events were the 2007 Budosai at Bisham Abbey and Two weeks in Japan 2008, all courtesy of Cyberbudo. Other trips included Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal many times, many places in England.

I have invested heavily and supported 100% of Terry Wingrove's initiatives to bring Karate-Jutsu to the attention of the 1000's of Karate-ka who practice the over organisationalised formats of recreational, sport and leisure Karate.

This Blog represents my views on events, occasions and news.

A personal thank you from me, Alan Platt to Terry Wingrove and all my friends at Cyberbudo.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bruce Miller at Bisham

Baz was Uke that day.

Baz is on the left...............(note the eye)
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Bruce Miller Tour

Bruce Miller from Quan Li Kan style in the USA visits Dojo

Bruce is one of the foremost pressure point experts with a more than adequate TCM & MWM background studying in the world today. With hands on civilian and military experience his applications and understanding of Kata is in my mind unique.

Sponsors of the the UK section of his tour include Terry Wingrove, Andy Manwaring, Robert Agar Hutton, Zoltan Deines, Joe Forbes and Myself.

Awsome stuff

Thanks Bruce, Dave, Adam & Ashley
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Monday, September 08, 2008

Wingrove Hanshi Course Photo's (link to a few)

A wonderful experience for those lucky enough to be invited.

Karate-Jutsu TW Explained and Demonstrated with Explicit Detail from within Practical Application.

The Difference Between Karate Do & Karate-Jutsu as it was and will be again.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The facts and antidotes to violent assault

At the linked venue and times stated I will be giving a lesson on the above topics.

I will have 45 minutes to deliver. "something useful"......................not a wonderful miracle system, not a cure all defense for every situation or scenario and absolutely not a pretence to the horror of violence.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tino Ceberano Hanshi M.A.S.C

Tino Ciberano Hanshi demonstrating a full length press up. At 67 not bad............

The father of Australian Karate and probably the most senior Goju Kai Instructor in the world. A pioneer to the Yamaguch dojo, prior to the likes of Gary Speirs and Steve Morris. The Goju instructor that inspired the Chief Instructor of Go Kan Ryu to embark on his course.

A professional Martial Artist and Sports Consultant resident in Australia. A truly gifted, knowledgeable and charismatic person.

Photo taken by Alan Platt at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre England 2008
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Alternative or Complementary Bunkai

If people think of Bunkai as a rigidly adhered to sequence of events associated within a prescribed Karate Kata, they have given up on their own creativity or potential to understand the vast diversity of Karate or Kata.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bruce Miller Healing in England

Please make a note of all the courses, times and venues from the link above.

If would like to attend any of them please email the appropriot person or email me.

Bruce Miller Chinese massage and acupuncture seminarsThese seminars will provide PRACTICAL HANDS-ON ADVICE FOR DEALING WITH MINOR ACHES AND PAINS of the sort regularly encountered in martial arts and other training.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Cyberbudo at Grassau in the Bavarian Alps

Some of the Polish, German and English Students at the Terry Wingrove Grassau Seminar.
An exceptionally good seminar from Mr Wingrove coupled with wonderful hospitality supplied from our German & Polish friends.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bisham Karate-Jutsu Club on a trip to Germany

International Jujitsu Course 16/17/18th May 2008

Selected members of the Bisham Abbey Cyberbudo Karate-Jutsu Club will be accompanying Terry Wingrove Hanshi to Grassau, Germany for an International Jujitsu Course.

Many more courses and events are planned for this year.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Ray Fox, Patrick McCarthy, Ronnie Calwell, Alan Platt. The Good the Bad the Ugly and the Wonderful

What a privilege to be with these guys. Care of Cyberbudo & Terry Wingrove. A Patrick McCarthy seminar at Steve Scotts Dojo (KDI) Manchester. Forget grades & ego's, karate skills and knowledge were imparted without fear or favour.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who needs SENI ?? With the Best in Town

I've just had 2 days training with these 2 Masters Terry Wingrove & Patrick McCarthy. OK one in a crowd for the most part but on a few occasions one on one help from both. My training partners for both days were as good as one could hope for, with loads of spirit and good technique. Lucky me.
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Sussex Uni Patrick McCarthy Seminar

Sponsored by Hanshi Terry Wingrove, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy gave a another superb seminar at Sussex University on Sunday the 27th April. The training was very different from Saturday yet just as interesting for those who attended both courses.
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Wycombe Judo Club Patrick McCarthy Seminar

On Saturday 26th April a great day was had by all who attended. With some very informative instruction and some high intensity training. I think everybody there came away wiser to some of the techniques of Karate and Kata. There was no style or ego barrier to impede the transition of knowledge imparted by Hanshi McCarthy. Hanshi Wingrove was on hand to help anybody with advise or skill enhancements if required.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanshi Terry Wingrove

This is the New Look Cyberbudo site.

Inside there something of interest for almost everybody..............take a look!

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy Courses

These and many other courses are available to anybody "Without Fear or Favor"

SENI Survival Steve Morris

SENI 2008 will be a Martial Arts and Fighters Extravaganza.

I was there last year with Cyberbudo and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and atmosphere.

In the Survival Section this year, Steve Morris will be sharing an insight to his method. As a past student with some, if only minuscule experience of his methods, I would highly recommend to anybody, check him out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Karate-Jutsu vs Karate-Do

Karate-do: is comparable to any formulated, systemised or prescribed technique, which is deemed good or bad in comparison and perspective by opinion of persons not involved in the moment or movement, or a speculation of it's effectiveness and efficiency, subject to a set of prescribed rules or engagement restriction. Karate-do needs to emphasise the spiritual aspect of the Jutsu, with self discipline, mental and physical training. Emphasis is placed on how a technique is performed rather than it's effectiveness.

Karate-jutsu: can resemble and include any of the attributes of Karate-Do, except the effectiveness and efficiency of any technique, is demonstrated with a view to a submission, disrupt, damage or kill the opponent, no other criteria other than survival. Karate-jutsu is the Martial Art of kill or be killed or any derivatives of survival.

This ones an old one

Going back in time when you had to read Japanese to fully benafit your grade.
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Not Quite Karate-Jutsu Feeling is Believing

A Leap of Faith, how much do you trust your technique?
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Friday, March 07, 2008

Old Ruins Master & Student

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Priciples, Concepts & Style Differences

The principles and concepts they all adhere to are the only things that bind them together as a package of styles. Similarity in styles is a consequence of the similarity to the principles and concepts they seek to achieve by all too often repetitious endeavour. Which after a while becomes altered to fit the pattern of event? Prescribed principle and prescribed concept in a quasi surreal situation and environment leads to unrealistic systemisation with differing emphasis's.

Each style is therefore different to the others. Obviously the origins of styles gives a more accurate account of their perspectives, which can be seen through the teaching and tradition of its founders and followers alike, if you have studied concepts and principles over styles. If you haven't, it will be difficult to understand the differences. Observations on emphases within techniques and applications are good indicators as to the overall differences.

Most styles with a competitive agenda have an embellished and over pronounced criterion that is subject to an observed opinion i.e. Judge or Referee, which almost always reflects in the grading syllabus, trend and tendency of that style. Different emphasis, different objective, different in personification to a similar style.

The strictly combative or tactile effective self defence styles are usually obscure in technique formality because of the range and diversity of the participant's abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps not as recognizable to many without experience and insight to the objective and circumstances of techniques used. However the effect should be the same. If you were to combine competitive with combativeness........all is lost and subject to different interpretations of said principles and concepts.

Take any of the styles you care to mentioned, look at them on YouTube, you can see the difference generally. Each exponent is different generally, apart from the clone syndrome effect often seen in the sporting or grading arena. Any technique taken from any system or style, if practiced and performed by 10 different sized and shaped students were to look the same, the conclusion would have to be that the prescribed form is too rigidly adhered to. Which we know can only be for affect and not effect. Also the effort would have to be different for each person because of the dynamics involved.

It would have to be different. If you practice a style over the natural tendency of your own skill and ability to achieve a prescribed effect, you will be working against two principles and two concepts. The preparation and stimulus alone would be different for each of us given a similar task, depending on the circumstances. The circumstances dictate the means not by the means dictating to the circumstances.

Alan Platt

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Evolution of Kata

Excerpt from Harry Cook's History and evolution of kata:...The great master of Shorin Ryu Choshin Chibana pointed out that "Karate, as it is transmitted, changes every few years. This is a common phenomenon. It happens because a teacher must continue to learn and adds his personality to the teachings. There is an old Okinawan martial arts saying that states that karate is much like a pond. In order for the pond to live, it must have infusions. It must have streams that feed the pond and replenish it. If this is not done then the pond becomes stagnant and dies. If the martial arts teacher does not receive infusion of new ideas/methods, then he, too, dies. He stagnates and, through boredom, dies of unnatural causes."...

It may be a common phenomenon..............however the teacher may just detract from the original form and omit or misrepresent by misunderstanding into his teachings. The pond will be sucked dry of some of the infusions and be diluted by watered down interpretation. The boredom of repetition without understanding then gets translated by inadequate authority.

Sounds about right to me.