Friday, February 19, 2010

Various Techniques in Easy Flow Mode

I'm sure some people will cringe at some of the missed opportunities or the path I've chosen. Another video clip taken again would probably be different if not slightly the same. I could change the strikes to grips or combinations of both. The targets can break balance or bone depending how and what I apply, am I defending or attacking? so many variables.

Click to title link to see the latest clip. Damn Blogger wont upload video...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Distance or Proximity of Engagement

It has been noticed that my distance to my Uke during the video clips is very distant. Quite true! No Excuses other than for ease of demonstration. "Range and Intensity" consider that as my range decreases my intensity increases ? "Range and Intensity" used in another context is the key to improving movement. Train both attributes of motion, whether it be by muscle, tendon or ligament or all three and you improve the the action efficiency and effect of the effort.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Variations on a theme

As the year progresses I will be adding more small video clips to this page. As a reminder for our club and also to show simple effective practice techniques to anybody interested. Not to be confused with anything other than my attempt to show ways for individual techniques to come alive. The techniques are not new or exclusive to anybody. I hope to show simplicity rather than complexity. I use YouTube as the catalyst for the clips because I only have to upload them once and anybody can find and view them. In time a collection will be available on DVD.

Clips 6 7 8 or all the clips available.

It's all in the mind! Once you can become comfortable moving the hands and legs in close quarter, the permutations and options are infinite. Yes there are only so many ways to move the body but it's like a 4 or 5 digit code, it's the sequence you dictate. Check out the YouTube clips, not meant to teach or preach, they are there to share ideas.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Hand Drills 3

We have stuck to hand drills this week because of the immense diversity of probability involved. Not the hum drum non contact sport stuff but nasty effective and efficient syncopation involving the complete hand elbow head arsenal at such close range. Once in range all hell lets loose, so fast and devistating with practice. Observe the YouTube clips and comment if you want.

Look at it this way: I have been working on those drills for 15 years. If a tennis player scores an ace, people think oooooh! If 2 players rally for 15-20 shots, people thing how good the both are. It takes years of practice and skill to do both. An ace is good but not always practical, to gain a point in a few moves is good too but to demonstrate a complete repertoire of play skills is a higher skill and proportionately more difficult to practice as nothing is set in play. Developing technique is one thing, developing a system of muscle memory and response stimulation during natural and un-natural response within time frame and space available takes years of practice. Technique is dimensional true but so is chaos and simplicity.