Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The facts and antidotes to violent assault

At the linked venue and times stated I will be giving a lesson on the above topics.

I will have 45 minutes to deliver. "something useful"......................not a wonderful miracle system, not a cure all defense for every situation or scenario and absolutely not a pretence to the horror of violence.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tino Ceberano Hanshi M.A.S.C

Tino Ciberano Hanshi demonstrating a full length press up. At 67 not bad............

The father of Australian Karate and probably the most senior Goju Kai Instructor in the world. A pioneer to the Yamaguch dojo, prior to the likes of Gary Speirs and Steve Morris. The Goju instructor that inspired the Chief Instructor of Go Kan Ryu to embark on his course.

A professional Martial Artist and Sports Consultant resident in Australia. A truly gifted, knowledgeable and charismatic person.

Photo taken by Alan Platt at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre England 2008
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Alternative or Complementary Bunkai

If people think of Bunkai as a rigidly adhered to sequence of events associated within a prescribed Karate Kata, they have given up on their own creativity or potential to understand the vast diversity of Karate or Kata.