Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who needs SENI ?? With the Best in Town

I've just had 2 days training with these 2 Masters Terry Wingrove & Patrick McCarthy. OK one in a crowd for the most part but on a few occasions one on one help from both. My training partners for both days were as good as one could hope for, with loads of spirit and good technique. Lucky me.
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Sussex Uni Patrick McCarthy Seminar

Sponsored by Hanshi Terry Wingrove, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy gave a another superb seminar at Sussex University on Sunday the 27th April. The training was very different from Saturday yet just as interesting for those who attended both courses.
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Wycombe Judo Club Patrick McCarthy Seminar

On Saturday 26th April a great day was had by all who attended. With some very informative instruction and some high intensity training. I think everybody there came away wiser to some of the techniques of Karate and Kata. There was no style or ego barrier to impede the transition of knowledge imparted by Hanshi McCarthy. Hanshi Wingrove was on hand to help anybody with advise or skill enhancements if required.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanshi Terry Wingrove

This is the New Look Cyberbudo site.

Inside there something of interest for almost everybody..............take a look!

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy Courses

These and many other courses are available to anybody "Without Fear or Favor"

SENI Survival Steve Morris

SENI 2008 will be a Martial Arts and Fighters Extravaganza.

I was there last year with Cyberbudo and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and atmosphere.

In the Survival Section this year, Steve Morris will be sharing an insight to his method. As a past student with some, if only minuscule experience of his methods, I would highly recommend to anybody, check him out.