Saturday, October 27, 2007

Horses for courses

Thank you to everybody who made the effort to get to the Bruce Miller Courses. Once again it was good to be reminded of the effects and side effects of martial arts technique.

Having a better understanding of cause and effect is a far better option than rigidly adhearing to specific form, so often seen in martial arts. Knowing why, gives a better perception of how, practice gives a clearer perception for when.

All good stuff!

I promise you all his books and DVD's are well worth reference.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Karate is Not an Expression of Aggression

An interesting statement! I have to say, that for me aggression is an essential factor for consideration in the process of understanding karate and it’s mental discipline. Aggression has to be mastered from within and it's potential flaws fully understood.

Chuck Norris said "we are like tempered steel, once our temper is lost, so are we". It has also been said that the "Iron ore considers itself tortured in the furnace, but is enlightened as tempered steel".

Karate training must include a means by which we can learn to control reflex aggression. How we turn on and off an aggressive state of mind can make all the difference to our physical performance. We need to be in control of, or understand the procedure that takes over from logic. We can have an aggressive or passive attitude, both states of mind are important, both are reflected by our actions. It is not enough to just associate aggression with mindless violence, but see it as a tool, the consequence of understanding ourselves in greater depth. This I think is vital.

I abhor violence and unnecessarily aggressive behaviour. The more I understand the consequences of them when uncontrolled, the more I hate them. However there is a part of me that needs to be able to cultivate the procedure to acquire both to an extreme in order to survive.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A 1st For

I can really recommend the Karatesite website as being jam packed with all sorts of interesting karate information. We are proud to be listed on their blog list. As of today..........the 1st one.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bruce Miller in England Map and Times Dojo
Sacred Hearts Catholic "Church Hall", Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1AA,-0.41299154&loc=GB:51.32947:-0.41363:16KT111AAKT11%201AA

From the A3 down the Portsmouth Rd, Right at Roundabout into "Between Streets" follow along until Waitrose is on your left and The Sacred Hearts Church is on the right. Turn Right into Downside Bridge Road. Turn immediately right into Church Hall Car Park.

From the USA Bruce Miller 7th Dan Course

Very Special Guest Terry Wingrove 8th Dan Hanshi

Thursday 25th October 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Cost £10 per person
Min Age 18

A donation from the course fee's plus any other donations will go to The Richard House Hospice

For more information Contact Alan Platt 07957421371

Please book a place early for this very special event.

Many club instructors and students have already been invited. This will insure a very high standard of Karate for the novice to see.

This is a very special event for all shapes, sizes, grades and genders, "regardless of experience", to learn Effective Karate from World Class Masters.

Novices more than Welcome.

Karate-Jutsu Photo Album

Cornwall Karate

KARATE: Three Cornish Karate groups recently joined forces for a day, to learn from one of the world's foremost experts on the original "Jutsu" form of Karate. Adult instructors and students from Samurai Karate Cornwall of Penzance, Okushindo Karate Kai of St Austell, and the St Ives Shotokan Karate Club all came together to learn from visiting instructor Sensei Terry Wingrove.

Sensei Wingrove spent 21 years studying the martial arts in Japan, and now holds high-level black belts in Karate, JuJitsu, Judo and Aikido. Despite the fact that all three Karate groups practice different styles of Karate, everybody was in equal awe of Sensei Wingrove's methods and agreed that they had learnt a great deal from him. As an added bonus, the event raised £265.00 for Sensei Wingrove's nominated charity, the Richard House Children's Hospice.

Course organiser, Sensei Kevin Cooke, said "Traditionally in the UK, groups who practice different styles of Karate don't have a good track-history of working together, however this course was a great success and everybody made some new friends. Whilst we may have differences in the way that we practice Karate, we all felt the same pain when Sensei Wingrove demonstrated his Karate Jutsu techniques on us!

This is one 66 year-old you wouldn't want to mess with!" All three of the Cornish Karate groups welcome new students of any ability. Anyone interested in learning Karate in Penzance/Pendeen/St Just should contact Kevin Cooke (Samurai Karate Cornwall) on mobile 07706 797562. Anyone interested in learning Karate in St Ives should contact Steve Matteson (St Ives Shotokan Karate Club) on 01736 795477.

Anyone interested in learning Karate in St Austell should contact Dena Marshall (Okushindo Karate Kai) on mobile 07980 061115. It is hoped that a follow-up course with Sensei Wingrove will be run early next year, and that even more local martial art groups might attend.