Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Own Eclectic Style of Karate-Jutsu Course

Thursday 20th September 7.30 - 9.30 at

"The Sacred Hearts Catholic Church Hall" off Between Streets, Cobham (A3) Surrey.

I will be holding an mini course on my own applied eclectic style Karate-Jutsu. The course will focus on defence, primarily against common punching techniques. Once a foundation of the basic movements are understood we will move on to pre-emptive and counter attacks to vital targets.

The 2 hour session will flow quickly, hands on, in pairs. The principles of the session will be in uncompleted practice drill format. Contact and force will be kept to a minimum, the reasons for that will be obvious. The simple principles involved can be applied to many other situations.

Photo's and a video will be provided by us on request.

There will be a get together after at a local restaurant or bar.

To book a place or places please email me or ring 07957421371. Places are limited to the first 20. If you "book a place" and you can't make it on the night, payment or a substitute person is required.

Cost £10 per person.

Regards Alan Platt